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Author's Note: This one is a little different than the rest. There's still plenty of smut, but there's also a bit of an underlying story; it's a little sad. Also, this one isn't done in first person like the rest. Hope you enjoy it.




            He watched as she slowly paced around the room. He wondered what was bothering her, why she’d come to him tonight. The sadness in her eyes made him ache to comfort her, to find the source of her pain and erase it. She stood at the window, her stare focusing far beyond the night outside as her fingers traced random patterns on the glass. He stood behind her, his hands moving to stroke her shoulders in an attempt to ease her tension. Her hand dropped back to her side as she leaned against him.


“What’s wrong?” he whispered. She closed her eyes, her head bent in an expression of defeat.


“Everything.” He slid his hands down off her shoulders, slipping his arms around her waist as he pulled her tight against him.


“Tell me,” he commanded, but she silently shook her head. There were some things she could never tell him, things he could never know. His hand moved up to cup her cheek, turning her face towards him slightly, but she kept her eyes closed, refusing to look at him. “Let me help; I want to make it better.”


She slowly opened her eyes to meet his. He was so sweet, so concerned, but she could never tell him the truth. So she turned to face him, pressing her hands to his chest as her lips sought his in an aching kiss. Her arms wound around his neck as his hands ran up and down her spine, molding her ever tighter against his body. They kissed desperately, both hungry for each other, searching for the comfort they found only in each other’s embrace.


He pulled away, his breathing ragged as he leaned his forehead against hers and looked pleadingly into her eyes. “What’s wrong? Please tell me.” She watched him for a moment, her hands brushing against his face in a gentle caress. She bit her lip, her eyes closing briefly as a private battle raged in her mind. When her eyes opened, he knew he’d lost. She shook her head slightly, her voice anguished,


“I can’t.” Her hands slid down his arms and then back up to twist around him again. She tried to soften the rejection, to console him with her body by moving closer to him, her mouth gently nipping at his neck. Her breath was warm and moist on his throat as she whispered, “I don’t want to talk about that; I just want you to hold me.” Her eyes met his again, pleading with him to forgive her. “Just make it go away; make me forget. Make me forget everything, just for a little while.”


He fought his desire for only moments before raising his hands to her face, holding her still for the sweetest kiss she’d ever experienced. His lips were soft and gentle on hers, nipping and biting as he teased her mouth open under his. Deepening the contact, he slid his hands down her sides before gripping her waist, tugging her with him towards the bed. She resisted and he pulled back, his expression confused. She shook her head and smiled sweetly. “Here. I want you to take me right here. Hard and fast.”


He was silent for a moment and then his mouth was on hers, raw and hungry, and he shoved her against the wall, his hands moving roughly over her body. He practically tore the clothes from her body, and then he was there, his body pressing her even harder against the wall, his fingers moving down her body to slip deep inside her, and she cried out, her head thrown back, hands wrapped tightly around his arms. She was unbelievably wet and he watched her face as he stroked his fingers in and out of her; her expression was a study in ecstasy and she rode his hand like she couldn’t get enough.


He quickly unzipped his pants with his free hand before wrapping his arm around her waist and lifting her slightly off the floor. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, her muscles tight as he brought her closer and closer to the edge with just his fingers. Her hands clutched at his shoulders, her moans turning into desperate cries for release as she writhed against his body. He pulled his hand away for a moment and she almost sobbed in disappointment, but then he pressed against her, smiling as he plunged inside her.


She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him as he slammed into her over and over again, pounding her against the wall in a furious rhythm that drove her wild and made her weak. He felt her muscles tightening around him as she moved against him faster and faster until neither one of them could take it any more. They both cried out as they came, and she pulled his mouth to hers for a slow melting kiss. She collapsed against him and he carried her to the bed, moving to lie beside her, holding her in his arms as they recovered.


They lay there together for what seemed like hours, and he closed his eyes, pretending to sleep. She held onto him for a moment before quietly climbing off the bed and getting dressed. She stared sadly at him for a second and then slipped silently out the door. He sat up, moving to the window to watch her go. He knew she’d be back, but she never stayed and a part of him died every time she left.

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