Yes, I take submissions. Here are the rules; please follow them.

1. Please spell check your document. If you do not have this function, please tell me in your email, and I will make sure I spell check it for you.

2. I accept submissions of any rating G thru NC-17

3. I will NOT accept stories that I consider to be inappropriate. This means real person or actor fic (stories about the actor rather than the character on the show), stories where people are brutally raped, but secretly like it (these stories sicken me as a woman and as a human being). This is not the same thing as consensual S&M or rough play; these stories are fine. If I find your story inappropriate, I will email you with my specific reasons; please do not take it personally.

4. Whenever possible save your document as a .htm or .html file. If you do not know how to do this ask me, and I will tell you.

5. I am also accepting original fiction if you have some you want to let people read for free.

6. Please tell me in your email if your story is fan fiction or original fiction.

Feel free to email me with your submission.