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Hi, I'm kittyb90, and this is The Gray Room.

On October 8th, 2002 I started this site as a place to house my fan fiction now that no longer accepts NC-17 submissions. You will also find my blog, some kickass links, three amazing stories by Syn, and some of my original fiction. I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know if you have any problems.

You can also find my stories here, and there's a handy little review form there so you can tell me if you like my stuff. :-) I love, love, love reviews.

Oh, and Mom and Dad? If you've stumbled across this site and you're thinking, "Aw, our baby girl has her own website!" and getting all sentimental - run away now. Within this site I swear and talk about sex and all kinds of stuff I'm sure you like to pretend I know nothing about. So for the sake of your sanity and to keep me from being embarrassed every time I see you, please go no further. If you feel you must go further, then let us never speak of it. Love you!


Thanks for seven wonderful years. May your flame burn strong forever.

- - Updates - -

09/27/04 -Oh my GOD! I finally updated! You can find the new chapter of Living in Sin right here. Thanks for your patience; hope everyone is still reading.

11/24/03 -Just a brief note to let everyone know that I haven't abandoned the site. I've just been very busy with real life stuff.

9/18/03 -Added the first chapter of a new story called World in My Eyes.


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