-these are places where I spend WAY too much of my time

Home    Fan Fiction    Blog        About Me    Original Fiction    Submissions    Contact Me - Hours and hours worth of reading material. There are alot of really wonderful stories here, but they are no longer accepting NC-17 submissions so if you're looking for smut you won't find it here.

The Chiaroscuro Series - The Ciaroscuro Series is my new favorite fanfic. I just finally read this and it is just incredible. If you want to see how truly amazing fan fiction can be, read this one. I have no words to describe how amazing this story is.

Valerie is a sexy goddess - At We Band of Buggered Valerie not only has great fanfic and amazing vids, she has a forum where many of my favorite people hang out. For funny, intelligent discussions check it out. Also, Valerie is the best moderator in the whole damn world, not to mention the sexiest or the funniest... Well, I could go on for days so just go check it out; you won't regret it.

I am monkey's bitch!  - mr. monkeybottoms (aka drbutterfrogg) is perhaps the funniest damn person in the world. Her stories are great; her blog is frickin' hilarious and I am completely and totally her bitch!

Devil Piglet's Domain - Devil Piglet is the author of 'Roundabout'. This story is just incredible; tense and angsty, it's the way season six should have been written. Excellent characterization, brilliant story, and believable character development. If DP never writes anything else (although I hope she does) I will worship her forever for gifting us with this story. Go. Now. Run. Read it. Love it.

- Barb C wrote 'A Raising in the Sun', an alternate version of how Buffy might have been brought back, and 'Necessary Evils', a WIP sequel that tells the story of how a vamp without a soul and the Slayer who loves him manage to beat the odds and make their relationship work.
 - Syn has her own page here, but for more of her stuff check out her portal site, Shadows on the Moon. Syn is my favorite writer; everything she writes is just golden, and I love her even more for letting me archive her stuff.

- Nautibitz writes some of the sexiest, most creative fic you will ever read. Check her out; 'In Heat' is my personal fave.

- This is a site that hosts BtVS uber-fiction. Uber-fiction is fiction that adheres to the rules of the Buffyverse but features new characters, settings or timelines. (Time Out of Mind is archived there!)

- wisteria's Buffy fanfic is just exquisite.

 - Hard Candy is an exquisitely written series by annie sewell-jennings and wisteria set in season six between 'Smashed' and 'As You Were'. It's amazing and heart breaking, and parts of it made me cry like a baby. Go. Read. Now.
- This is sunlit's site with her fan fiction, blog, messenger skins, and other stuff. Check it out.
- Blood is NOT enough!!! Princess Plum Jade's fan fiction site devoted exclusively to romantic fiction work and poetry inspired by BtVS and Angel. She's a sweetie so go check it out!
 - I have a huge weakness for Kantayra's stories, even the AU stuff where everybody is human. There are other writer's here, but I mostly just read her stuff. Also, the site is just gorgeous.
pastelstar, how do I love thee...  - I've come to believe that pastelstar is my soulmate. One of these days we're gonna run away together and have lots of sexy, naughty fun.
 - I am in love with everything that Eurydice writes. She give you an intriguing plot, great characterization, and loads of Spuffy smut. It's also low on angst; there isn't a complete absence of it, but you always know you won't be hurting for long!

- In Bed With Valerie is a fan listing for all of us who love Valerie with, as Myrtle says, "the fire of 10,000 suns. Or something approximating that. Like, a really, really, really hot fire."

Television Without Pity - TWoP has snarky recaps of your favorite shows and a kickass Buffy fanfic forum where intelligent, funny people post about the Pearls of fanfic and the steaming piles of crap we call Badfic. And believe me, it can get really, really bad.

Heartless Bitches International - I absolutely love this site. I don't agree with every single thing they say, but then again they don't fucking care what I think; that's what's great about them. Check it out!

- This is the place where you can go to find out all about Spike's headtilts. Also sisabet and dr.dawn make some of the best vids I've ever seen.

Angst and Romance - The Faith/Wesley vids here are just exquisite.

 - The vid Hero is an amazing Spike vid, but I have a special affection for People Are Strange; it's just so unique. Plus, ashes is one of the coolest chicks I've met online.

Myrtle & Eunice Productions - These guys claim these videos are the first ones they've ever done. If that's true then they are just friggin' amazing, and I can't wait to see what they turn out after they've been at it for awhile. Seriously, check out their vids; they're great.

Moments In Time Network - Run by kj, this site has tons of vids. Check 'em out; they're amazing.

They Might Be Giants Suck Ass club - This is a site that dr.dawn started because of Beamer's hatred of TMBG. The rest of us over at Valerie's forum joined in solidarity, even though alot of us have never even listened to their music. I'm the Dean of Discipline; I hand out punishment to those who break the rules. (mostly I just like to spank people)

 - This site used to have downloadable brushes for Photshop, but they've done away with them. I, however, downloaded these brushes and use them on my site so I thought it only right to link to them. - A complete guide to all of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes - Another great resource for info on Buffy and Angel eps.