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Scarves. Soft, silky scarves were the way to go, he told me. Said he didnt want my tender wrists being bruised by cold, hard metal. He was right; the things he did to my body made me desperate to touch him. I was straining against my bonds. Handcuffs would have hurt. I wouldnt have cared until later, but I was glad hed been so considerate of my comfort.


Hed saved a scarf for my eyes as well, gently blindfolding me. Itll make it even better, hed whispered in my ear, making me shiver at the thought of the pleasure to come. He was right about that too. Not being able to see, being locked in the darkness, all I could do was feel. Every touch was startling, every caress a revelation. His mouth moving over my body was like liquid fire, and all I could do was lie there as he introduced my body to unimaginable pleasure.



We start with fruit. He brushes a piece against my lips, gently nudging my mouth open so a bit of it can slip inside. Taste it, he says, and I bite into it, letting the juice coat my tongue and trickle down my throat. Sometimes a strawberry, sometimes a peach and I taste them all, taste them the way I wish I could taste him. After, he leans down to kiss me, savoring the sticky flavor of the juice coating my lips.


He pulls away for a moment, and I tense in eager anticipation as he begins to slowly move down my body. Soft, biting kisses along the side of my neck and I shiver with desire, my legs moving restlessly on the bed. His hand strokes my breast, gently massaging as his mouth catches my nipple, his tongue moving in an agonizingly slow caress. Soft suction and my back arches in pleasure as a low moan escapes my lips. He moves to my other breast while his hand continues to stroke the first, and I slide my legs up around his hips, so wet and aching I can barely stand it.


I lift my hips to his, moving against him in a sweet caress of my own. I feel him smile against my skin, and he moves a little lower, parting my thighs as his mouth drifts over my stomach, wet and hungry. Hes going to taste me. I squirm a little, my body moving in a long, languorous stretch; I want to be tasted so badly Im almost out of my mind with it. God, this feels so good.


His fingers touch me first, sliding slowly inside, reaching to brush against the spot that makes my hips buck against his hand. I tip my head back, soft panting moans flowing from my lips as heat spreads through my body. And then his tongue is there, wet and warm and just a little rough and I cry out, calling his name as he brings me right to the edge before pushing me over into oblivion.


As the waves of pleasure crash through me, he crawls back up my body. Untying the scarves, he wraps my arms around his shoulders, stripping off the blindfold as he plunges deep inside me. I whimper slightly, my eyes closed, and moan long and low because he feels so good inside me.


He waits for me to look into his eyes and then he begins to move, slow at first, sliding in as deep as he can go and then pulling almost all the way out. He watches my face as we rock together, smiling slightly every time I moan. His lips brush lightly against mine before taking my mouth in a series of long, melting kisses. I wrap my legs around his waist, my hips rising to meet each thrust.


The heat spreads through my body again and he kisses me over and over, our rhythm slowly increasing as the tension winds tighter and tighter. My hands move over his back, desperate to touch as much of him as I can as he drives into me, harder, deeper, faster. And then suddenly he shifts and rolls and hes underneath me.


I push myself up, my hands on his chest, my head tipped back in pleasure. As I ride him, his hands slide down over my breasts, coming to rest on my hips. His grip tightens as I move faster and faster. I tighten around him, loving how he feels pressed so deep inside me, and he thrusts into me hard and fast. His thumb brushes against me, once, twice, and everything inside my body tightens before splintering into a million pieces. I slip down to lay on his chest as he follows me over the edge. Im still shaking and he holds me close, gently kissing my lips as we drift slowly back to earth.

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