7 Minutes in Heaven

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Itís hot inside the closet, our bodies covered in a slick sheen of sweat as we move together. Itís dark except for the light from the hall spilling underneath the door, and I can feel his moist breath warm against my throat. His hands move down to my hips, and I arch against him eagerly, frantic for his touch. His tongue slips along the side of my neck, sending shivers down my spine, before his lips come to rest against my own. His mouth moves hungrily on mine, hard and demanding, filled with a passion that threatens to overtake me.


Iím not wearing any underwear, and when he slides the dress from my body I stand before him, naked and wanting. He drops to his knees in front of me, his hands grasping my waist as he gently kisses my stomach. Then his mouth moves lower, making me moan with pleasure. He slips one of my legs over his shoulder, and all I can do is lean back against the wall, my hands gripping the clothes hanging up all around me as my knees grow weak.


I want to scream in ecstasy as I shudder and shake, but there are people just outside and I have to bite my lip unless I want to be discovered. He slides back up my body, one arm steadying me as I wrap my legs tight around his waist; the friction of his fully clothed body against my skin is almost unbearable. I writhe against him, my hand slipping down between us to his zipper; I need him inside me now.


He slides into me hard and fast, and I canít help the moan that slips past my lips. I rest my head against his shoulder, and he groans as I gently bite him. We move against each other, the need to be quiet enhancing every sensation, driving us closer and closer to completion. His hand slips over my body, stroking and caressing just the way I like it. I tip my head back as everything inside me twists and tightens until I think I might burst with the pleasure. He drives into me hard, once, twice, three more times, and then heís shuddering against my body in his own release.


I lower my feet to the floor, and Iím still so shaky that he has to help me get dressed. No one sees us come out of the closet, and we go our separate ways. We smile at each other from across the room for the rest of the evening, enjoying our little secret. I donít even know his name.