Chapter Ten: Afterglow


Neither of them spoke for a long time; there were no words to describe how they felt. After so many years and months of separation, unable to be with each other; they were finally where they belonged wrapped in each others arms. Dawn shivered, reaching to pull the comforter over them as she snuggled into Spike’s side. Spike absently caressed her back as he said,


“You’re right you know.” She stroked his chest lightly and kissed his shoulder.


“I am? About what exactly?”


“I’m more afraid of you than anything else I’ve ever faced.” Dawn leaned up onto her elbow to see him better.


“You don’t need to be.” She stroked his cheek tenderly and he caught her hand, pressing a kiss into her palm. “I would never hurt you.”


“But you could, so much, and that’s what scares the hell out of me; that power.” Dawn rested her head on his chest, her legs brushing against his.


“I get that.” She was thoughtful. “You have the power to hurt me too, you know. It is scary, but we’ve been through so much together and our love is still so strong. I have to trust that.” Spike turned onto his side so they lay face to face.


“I honestly didn’t think leaving was running away; I was trying to do what I thought was right. I never meant to hurt you.” Dawn scooted closer until she was pressed against his body and gave him a long, lingering kiss.


“I know you weren’t trying to hurt me,” she said seriously. “But you can’t always be the one to decide what’s best for me; that’s my decision to make. You left when I was eighteen and I was devastated, but I eventually understood. You were right then; I was too wrapped up in you. I didn’t know how to take care of myself, but I’m all grown up now. I’ve become a strong, confident, independent woman, and I know that I can survive on my own. Making decisions that should be mine, choosing for me; that just takes away from all of that.” She could see he understood what she was saying. He spoke ruefully,


“I never intended to do that to you. I admire your strength, the woman you’ve become. It means losing you wasn’t all for nothing.” They kissed again, needy and hungry as they sank into each other. Spike’s hand drifted down to caress her thigh and she moved against him eagerly. He drew back, looking at her with a wicked grin, and the phone rang. They started and Dawn groaned,


“I should get that. It’s probably Anya.” Spike raised his eyebrow.


“She always call so late?”


“She calls whenever the mood strikes; she has no concept of time zones,” Dawn smiled indulgently, picking up the phone. “Hello?”


“Oh my god!” Anya yelped excitedly. “Xander just told me he talked to Spike. It was all a big misunderstanding; he does love you! Now you can stop being all mopey; I’m sure he’ll come see you tomorrow to tell you. Or he could be on his way right now!” Anya’s voice grew even more excited. Spike could hear everything and was grinning at Dawn. She blushed and he reached over to take the phone.


“I’m already here, luv. Have been for quite some time. We’re a tad…busy at the moment so, if you’ll pardon my rudeness, I’ll be hanging up on you now.” Dawn could hear Anya laughing happily as he replaced the receiver.


“You’re terrible!” she said, giving him a playful shove. He laughed and caught her hand. He tugged her tight against him.


“You know you love it.” Then he took her mouth with a passionate ferocity that stole her breath and left her clinging to him. She broke away breathlessly.


“I love everything about you.” He stroked her cheek tenderly and smiled.


“You make me feel so…complete. Every time I look at you, my heart aches.” She put her hands on his shoulders, her mouth moving against his throat as she gently pushed him so that he was lying on his back with her straddling his hips. She leaned up and smiled provocatively.


“Is your heart the only thing that…aches?” Spike smiled at her playfulness then groaned as she moved against him teasingly.


“You’re going to be the death of me, you know.”


“I think you’ve voiced that complaint before. Don’t worry; I’ll be gentle.” Dawn set about exploring his body with an arousing curiosity. He fascinated her; silk and steel, smooth and hard all at once. She moved her hands over him, enjoying the friction of skin against skin. Touching her mouth to his flat nipple she discovered that Spike’s whole body trembled when she touched him with her tongue. She pushed herself up away from his chest so she could meet his eyes. She gave him a seductive look before she leaned back down and began to slowly stroke him all over with her lips and tongue. Spike growled low in his throat as his body was inundated with sensation. He closed his eyes and when she looked up at him he had transformed. She moved up to touch his face. He looked at her then turned away in shame.


“I’m sorry. I couldn’t control it; it just happened.” She stroked his face gently, softly kissing his chin, his cheek, his brow, and finally his lips.


“Don’t be sorry,” she told him quietly. “This is part of who you are; savage and strong, while the other part, the man in you, is gentle and tender. You never have to hide from me, Spike; I love all of you. I always have.” She kissed him again; it was strange kissing him when he had his game face on, not unpleasant, but very different. As she kissed him she felt his face change back and that was also an odd sensation. She bit his lip gently as she pulled away and moved back down his body. A tremor ran through him as he whispered shakily,


“I love you so much.” She smiled against his stomach then moved lower. She stroked him gently with her hand before taking him slowly into her mouth. Spike’s whole body stiffened as he groaned in pleasure, “Sweet…” He could barely speak. “Oh, hell, Dawn that feels bloody incredible!” She continued to pleasure him until he thought he would explode. He reached down and pulled her body up over his. He plundered her mouth as he reached between them to touch her; she was already slick with arousal and she moaned when he slipped a finger inside her. He stroked her long and slow and deep until she was writhing against him.


“Please,” she said desperately. Spike moved his lips to her ear as he continued his intimate caress and whispered,


“You want me inside you?” Dawn nodded blindly, consumed with need. “Then take me.” Dawn looked at him, puzzled for a moment, then carefully rose up and positioned herself over him. As she slowly took him inside her Spike’s eyes closed and he bit his lip. Dawn’s head tipped back and she let out a low moan as she began to move; it was even more intense than before and she thought she might pass out as the pressure began to build. She put her hands on his chest to hold herself steady, and he covered her hands with his own.


They moved together as one, the pleasure intense as they both neared completion. Spike sat up suddenly, taking her nipple into his mouth, and Dawn cried out sharply. Her arms went around his neck and she cradled his head to her breast, the feel of his tongue against her almost more than she could handle. Suddenly she was rushing forward and then over the edge as her body exploded in an intense orgasm. As Dawn climaxed her inner muscles squeezed and stroked him, the pleasurable sensation bordering on pain, and Spike quickly followed her in his own release. He collapsed back onto the bed with Dawn sprawled across him, limp and satiated. “Well. That was just…” Spike began. Dawn pushed her hair off her face and peeked up at him to finish his thought,


“Exhausting? Exhilarating? More pleasure than two people could possibly handle and stay sane?”


“All of the above.” Dawn giggled then asked,


“Do you think it will always be like that?”


“I don’t know,” Spike replied “After awhile it might settle into merely mind-blowing; we’ll have to wait and see.” He smiled at her as she moved to lie next to him.


“I’m glad Anya broke her promise.” Spike was confused by the turn in the conversation.


“I’m not following you, sweet. What promise?”


“I told her the whole situation, how I thought you didn’t want to be with me, and she promised not to tell Xander. But she did, and he talked to you and you came here, and…I’m glad she broke her promise!” He smiled.


“Yeah, if it wasn’t for her we might still be miserable. Me, thinking you were with another; you, thinking I had stopped loving you. How could you possibly have thought I had stopped loving you?”


“You practically told me-!” She began to say. “Wait. Let’s not go over all that again. Mistakes were made, but we’re together now and that’s all that matters.” She leaned up and their lips met tenderly. Spike pressed her closer, trailing his fingertips lightly over her back. Dawn trembled and then pulled back shakily. “And we better hold off on the sexy kissing. I have fairly impressive stamina, but I do need to rest sometime tonight, and kissing you does not bring thoughts of peaceful sleep to mind!” He smiled


“Doesn’t exactly put me in a ‘napping’ mood either, luv.”


“Anya is never going to let us forget that she was the one who brought us together. You know that, right? She’ll be telling our story for years, how there was a tragic misunderstanding and she set us on the path to true love.” Spike turned her so she had her back to his chest and put his arms around her.


“She can tell whatever bloody story she likes; I’m just glad we have a story.” She smiled contentedly, and then yawned.


“I’m sleepy.” He lifted his head so he could see her face.


“You want me to go?” he asked uncertainly. She turned to give him a reproachful look.


“Of course not, silly! I thought you would probably stay the night. Unless you don’t want to.” He pulled her closer.


“No, I do. All those nights I spent time with you here I always dreaded having to leave.”


“Well, now you can stay as long as you want.”


“I could stay with you forever,” he said reverently, trailing his hand down over her breast to caress her stomach then dipping even lower. Her breath caught and she sighed.


“Remember what I said about sexy kissing?” she asked. His hand didn’t stop moving as he murmured,


“Mm-hmm.” She trembled.


“Well, that goes for sexy touching too.” She felt him smile.


“Every time we touch it’s sexy touching. Besides,” he whispered against her ear as his fingers worked their magic. “You don’t have to do anything. This is just for you.” A tremor ran through her body, and a low laugh rumbled in his chest. “Well, that’s not strictly true. I love this.” He trailed kisses down her throat as her breathing quickened. She tipped her head back to rest on his shoulder, and clutched his arm as her body began to fill with a familiar tension. He nipped playfully at the spot where her neck curved into her shoulder then moved back to her ear and whispered, “Should I stop?”


“No, please,” she whimpered. His mouth moved against her throat again sending shivers up and down her spine while the movement of his fingers caused her to spiral tighter and faster. She reached her hand back to caress his face, and he growled quietly, stroking her harder and deeper. Her breath caught in her throat and she moaned over and over again as she splintered into a million tiny pieces. Relaxation like she had never known before began to set in and her eyes closed. Spike smoothed her hair off her face and kissed her cheek.


“Sleep now, luv.”



Dawn woke slowly the next morning, a feeling of peace suffusing her being. She stretched languidly, muscles slightly sore from the activities of the night before. The thought of her lovemaking with Spike brought a smile to her lips and she opened her eyes to find him watching her.


“Hey sleepy head,” he said caressing her cheek. “How are you feeling?”


Mmm. Better and better.” She wiggled closer to him. “Waking up with you is even better than falling asleep by your side.” He leaned down and kissed her.


“I have to agree. When I woke up I couldn’t believe that it hadn’t all been a dream.”


“How long have you been awake?” He glanced at the clock.


“Close to an hour; I’ve just been watching you sleep. You looked so beautiful, then you woke up and you were breathtaking. Well, if I had breath, that is.” They looked at each other silently for a moment before they both started laughing. Dawn sat up and launched herself at Spike enthusiastically, hugging him, and covering his face with kisses.


“I love you so much.” He fell over backwards, holding her close and laughing.


“What do you say to some breakfast?”


“I say I’m starved. Just let me get dressed and I’ll see what we have.” She climbed off the bed and he watched her opening drawers, looking for something to wear. She noticed that Spike hadn’t moved. “What?” He sat up, looking thoughtful.


“Seems a shame to cover up all that wonderfully naked flesh, but if you must then I have a favor to ask.” She smirked.


“And what would that be?”


“Remember that tight little outfit you wore the first night I came over?”


“The low-rise jeans and the red tank?”


“Yeah,” he said in satisfaction


“What about them?” she asked, puzzled.


“Wear them.” She gave him a funny look until she noticed the desire in his eyes. She gave him a saucy grin.


“You liked that outfit, huh?”


“Oh, yeah. When I saw you that night I wanted to rip those tight little pants of yours off and have my wicked way with you.”


“You should have.” Dawn got out the jeans and shirt and pulled them on while Spike watched. “Would have saved us some time.” She glanced at him. “Are you going to get dressed?”


“Yeah, I just enjoy watching you.” She smiled and walked back over to hug him.


“Since I’m wearing this for you I think it’s only fair that you wear something for me.” Spike looked intrigued, but reminded her,


“I only have the clothes I was wearing last night.”


“That’s fine; my request is simple. I want you to just wear your jeans and no t-shirt.”


“That’s it?”


“Yep. I like having you shirtless and half naked; puts ideas in my head.” She jokingly leered at him. He laughed.


“We must be on the same wavelength 'cause you’ve been putting thoughts in my head all bloody mornin’.” He put on his pants, zipping them, but leaving the snap undone. He walked over to pull her against him. “How’s this; is this the look you were going for.” She nodded and kissed him.


“It’s perfect. You’re perfect.” She ran her hands over his chest then shook her head slightly. “Alright, I really am hungry; let’s go get breakfast before I get distracted and forget all about eating.” She took his hand and began to lead him from the bedroom.


“I don’t know, Dawn,” he said in mock reluctance. “I kind of like that idea.” She grinned at him, but kept going.



They were eating a breakfast of pancakes and sausage when the phone rang. Dawn wiped her mouth and got up to answer it. She picked up the cordless on the wall behind Spike, and he pulled her down to sit on his lap. She smiled as she hit talk.




“Is he still there?”


“Yes, Anya, he’s still here.” Spike smiled.


“Oh,” Anya replied. “Did I interrupt the sex? Should I let you go?”


“No, you didn’t ‘interrupt the sex’,” Dawn said, shaking her head with an amused look at Spike who laughed. “We’re just having breakfast.”


“Oh good! I wanted to ask how everything went last night.” Spike, blatantly eavesdropping, looked at her expectantly. Dawn gave him a punch on the shoulder.


“Everything went just fine.” Anya’s voiced lowered conspiratorially,


“So was it good?” Dawn’s face flamed.


“ANYA! I don’t think that’s any of your business!”


“Actually, as your best friend, sex details are always my business.” Spike started laughing, and Dawn glared at him.


“I’m not going into details with Spike sitting right here!”


“Why not?” Anya asked. “He was there, right? He knows what went on; it’s not like he’d be hearing something new. Oh, unless he wasn’t good.” Spike stopped laughing very quickly at that. Dawn grinned at him.


“He was good, but that’s all I’m saying. Now I’m going to hang up so that we can finish our breakfast in peace.”


“Okay, but you better call me later.”


“I will. Bye.”




“Well, that was very entertaining,” Spike commented.


“Don’t even start.” Dawn warned him. Spike was quiet for a second.


“She’s very inquisitive.” He was trying to suppress a laugh.


“I told you not to start,” Dawn said. Spike looked at her thoughtfully then asked,


“So how good was it?” He started to laugh.


“That’s it!” Dawn said then lunged at him. They wrestled around playfully as she tugged him out of his seat. When they were thoroughly exhausted they lay on the floor laughing. Spike tenderly brushed his lips against Dawn’s. She looked up at him and touched his face. “I could live like this forever.” Spike held her gaze with a look of silent agreement and they kissed, reveling in the happiness they had found with each other.

Chapter 11