Chapter Eleven: Still Waters…


When the sun went down Spike decided to go to his place for a change of clothes. Dawn was singing at the club that night so he agreed to meet her there afterwards. They kissed at the door for several minutes before reluctantly parting.


“It’ll only be a couple hours and then we’ll be together the rest of the night,” Spike whispered when Dawn protested.


“I know,” she pouted. “I just miss you when you’re gone. We’re gonna have to do something about all your stuff being across town.”


“We’ll figure something out tonight. I love you.”


“Love you, too.” Spike gave her a quick peck on the cheek and then he was gone. Dawn stood thinking for a moment and then rushed inside to the phone. She was smiling as she punched in Anya’s number. She picked up on the first ring.




“It’s me.”


“It’s about time; I’ve been waiting all day!”


“He just left to get some clothes; we’re meeting up later,” Dawn explained.


“So? Was it wonderful?” Anya asked excitedly. Dawn leaned against the wall with a dreamy expression.


“Oh my god, it really was! Thank you so much for breaking your promise and telling Xander!”


“That’s why I’m your best friend, sweetie. So what happened? Did he just come over and sweep you off your feet?” Anya was brimming with curiosity.


“Well, not exactly.” Dawn explained what had happened when she got home the night before, tears coming to her eyes as she remembered how close she’d come to losing Spike. “He told me he wanted to fight for us, and then…and then we made love.” Dawn’s body heated just thinking of the passion they had shared. Anya sighed happily.


“That’s so romantic! Was it everything you imagined it would be?”


“Oh, it was so much more than I ever imagined. He was wonderful and tender and passionate. I’ve never felt so…free, so alive; it was perfect!”


“I’m so happy for you. I knew there had to be some sort of misunderstanding; I knew he’d never stop loving you.” Dawn’s eyes grew watery.


“You’ve been so great through this whole thing. I really want to thank you for everything you’ve done.”


“Oh, Dawn,” Anya said emotionally. “All I’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy. You’re my friend. I love you.”


“I love you too, An.” They were silent for a moment and then Anya said,


“Well, Xander was hoping we could go out tonight so I better get going. I’ll talk to you later; have fun!”


“I will. Bye.” Dawn hung up and went to get ready. She got to the club a little early and headed to the bar to wait for Spike. She felt a rush of excitement when she saw him walking towards her. He smiled as he came up beside her then leaned in close for a lingering kiss.


“Missed you,” he said. Dawn ran her hand through his hair and smiled.


“Me, too.”


“I packed a bag while I was there. Shouldn’t have to go back for awhile.” Dawn put her arms around him and gave a happy little wiggle. “Someday we might want to think about a permanent solution, but this should do for now.” He leaned down and their lips met softly. She pulled back.


“It’s almost time for me to do my thing so I better…” She gestured towards the stage.


“Okay. I’ll be right here watching and waiting,” he said as he watched her go. She turned to blow him a kiss, and Spike smiled. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him, but he wasn’t sure he deserved so much happiness.



A couple weeks later Chaz called to see if Dawn wanted to get in a workout. It had been awhile so she told him she’d be right over. Spike was sleeping so she left a note for him. She was almost out the door when he padded out of the bedroom.


“Where you headed?”


“I’m going to work out with Chaz. I was leaving you a note, but the sun is down; you can come with me if you want.”


“Are you gonna be doing some kick boxing stuff?” Spike asked.


“We might.”


“Count me in; I’ve wanted to see you in action again ever since the night you nailed that guy.” He pulled her close to him. “You were pretty incredible.” She leaned up and pressed her lips to his and he deepened the contact pulling her tighter against him. As things began to heat up Dawn pulled away reluctantly.


“I’d love to stay here and finish this, but I told him I’d be there soon so you should probably get dressed.” She trailed her hands over his chest down to his stomach. “Remember where we were for later.” Spike gave her a sexy smile and went to get ready.



She was like a machine when she worked out. She worked one on one with Chaz for an hour and showed almost no sign of fatigue. Spike was impressed and told her so.


“Yeah, she was my best student,” Chaz said. “Worked harder, learned faster, and more endurance than I’ve ever seen.” Dawn beamed at the praise.


“It’s because I love this stuff,” she replied.


“I have a couple guys coming for a session pretty soon. You want to help out again?” Chaz asked then looked at Spike. “Unless you guys have plans.” Spike gestured towards Dawn.


“That’s up to her; I’m fine either way.”


“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Dawn asked. Spike nodded. “Alright, then I guess I’ll stay.” Pretty soon Chaz’s students arrived. Dawn worked another hour with them and still looked like she’d only gone for a light jog. She hadn’t been kidding when she’d told him she had impressive stamina. They seemed to be wrapping it up and Spike thought they were finished until Chaz patted the two men on the back and said,


“Great work guys. Why don’t you put on the protective gear and then you can do some sparring with Dawn.” They both nodded and Spike stood up in astonishment.


“They’re going to spar with Dawn?” he asked incredulously. Chaz looked up to reply,


“Yeah. That was the plan.”


“Why doesn’t she get protective gear?” Chaz looked from Spike to Dawn then back to Spike and laughed.


“Just watch.” Spike was concerned for Dawn’s safety; what the hell was this guy thinking? The men came out and Dawn spoke to them for a minute, telling them a few things they needed to remember. They got ready to go and Spike’s eyes widened as he realized that she was going to spar with both of them at the same time. He watched in amazement as Dawn proceeded to take down two men twice her size in about two minutes. She reached down to help them up, pointing out what they had done wrong. Spike smiled and sat back to enjoy the show. They went on like that for about twenty minutes; he could tell the guys were improving, but Dawn was still able to take them out very quickly. It was quiet on the way home; Dawn looked at Spike uncertainly.


“Were you bored? You’re awfully quiet.” Spike gave her a smoldering look.


“I was definitely not bored. I’m just trying to keep my hands off you until we get home.” Dawn looked at him in surprise.


That got you going?” she asked in disbelief.


“You know how you said you love both sides of me? Well watching you fight is like seeing another side of you. I usually see the soft, tender side of you and I absolutely adore it, but tonight I saw your strength and power and I have to say the whole package is very appealing. So, yeah. That got me going.” Dawn smiled and snuggled over closer to him.


They had barely gotten through the door when Spike pulled her against him and took her mouth in a fierce kiss. He pushed the door shut with his foot and began backing her toward the bedroom. Dawn clung to him, hungrily returning every kiss, every caress, aching with desire. They reached greedily for each others clothes, barely breaking stride, moving apart only far enough to pull Spike’s shirt off over his head as they made their way to the bed. His hands dropped to grasp her hips as he lifted her, and her legs went around his waist. He moved onto the bed with Dawn still clinging to him, laying her gently on the pillows and sliding slowly into her all in one motion. Dawn moaned at the feel of him inside her and desperately lifted her hips to meet his thrust, her legs tightening around his waist. Their eyes met and Spike began a slow, steady rhythm. Dawn moved frantically and whispered,


“Please! I need…more…faster…” Spike quickened his movements, his mouth sliding along her throat. She moaned as his teeth gently nipped her shoulder. They moved together, driven by an all consuming passion that drove them higher and higher towards a shattering climax. Afterwards they lay there barely able to move. Dawn giggled.


“I can’t decide whether I should force you to watch every time I work out or whether I should make sure you stay away!” Spike chuckled.


“I vote for the one that ends with us like this.”


“Yeah but you don’t have to worry about your heart giving out.” Spike smiled, holding her close, and as they lay there Dawn drifted off to sleep. She awoke quite a bit later to find Spike getting dressed. Dawn watched him curiously then said,


“You aren’t staying the night?” Spike turned, startled to find her awake.


“Oh, sweet, I’m coming back. I just need to patrol; I haven’t been out in awhile.”


“Is it bad here?”


“Not anywhere near as bad as the Hellmouth, but there is a lot of badness wandering the streets.” Dawn climbed out of bed and started to get dressed. Spike stopped with his shirt half on. “What are you doing?”


“I’m going with you.” He finished pulling his shirt on in one angry move.


“No you most definitely are not!” She turned to look at him.


“Uh, okay, DAD!” she said sarcastically. “I’m pretty sure you have no say in the matter.”


“I bloody well do! It’s too dangerous for you; you’ll be killed.” She looked at him incredulously.


“You just spent the evening watching me fight. You know how good I am.”


“Yeah, but you wouldn’t be fighting regular men; these are vampires and demons we’re talking about.” She gave him a dirty look.


“I know what we’re talking about so don’t be condescending! I’m telling you I can handle it.”


“You don’t know that. It can get pretty bad, and I might not be able to protect you.” He didn’t understand why she was being so stubborn about this.


“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t need your damn protection; I can take care of myself!” Spike was beginning to get angry.


“Not against a vampire! You’ve never fought a vampire.” Dawn spun around.


“Yes, I have!” she shouted at him, then realizing what she had said she looked suddenly stricken. Spike stood stock still, just staring at her.


What?” he demanded; his voice deathly calm.


“I-I, well, I have fought a vampire before. More than once,” she said haltingly. “The first time was because I had to; I was attacked, but I fought him off and was able to dust him. After that I began hunting them. I used them. For practice. You know, sharpen my fighting skills.” He still hadn’t moved, and she was getting nervous. Suddenly he sat down on the bed, his head in his hands.


“Sharpen your fighting skills? You could have been killed!” He sounded devastated and she felt awful.


“I could have been killed even if I hadn’t sought them out. I just…I knew they were there and I wanted to keep other people, people that didn’t know, from getting hurt. Can you understand that?” Dawn looked at him pleadingly for a moment, and then said, “I may not have slayer strength, but I still got the job done.” Spike looked at her.


“I understand, but it still scares the hell out of me. I really don’t want you to go.”


“Well, I don’t want you to go, either, but I’m sure you will. If something happened to you…You’re not invincible, you know.” Spike shook his head adamantly.


“I will not put you in that kind of danger!”


“You can’t stop me. I’m going with you or I’m going on my own, but I am going.” Spike got to his feet, frustration radiating off him in waves.


“Why are you doing this? If you go out there and get hurt or, worse, killed…” He shook his head. “You know I couldn’t take that; not losing you. I could handle anything but that.”


“And you think I could handle losing you?” she demanded. Spike turned to face her.


“It’s not the same. I’m a vampire; I’m stronger, faster, I heal quickly, and there are only a couple ways to kill me. You, on the other hand, are an amazing fighter, but you’re human. You could easily be injured and die.”


“You don’t think I’m good enough.”


“I don’t want to take that chance!”


“You’re not; I am.”


“You don’t have to prove anything to me.” Spike reached out to touch her and she backed up.


“I’m not trying to prove anything; I’m trying to help.”


“Maybe I don’t want your help,” he said quietly. Dawn looked as though she’d been struck.


“Fine!” she said as she yanked her shirt back off. “You be the big man and go save the world; I’ll stay here and act all weak and helpless! Happy now?”


“Dawn! That’s not what I meant and you bloody well know it! I’ve never wanted you to be weak and helpless. Why are you acting like this?” Dawn’s anger suddenly dissipated and she sank down onto the bed.


“I don’t know,” she said sadly. “I know you’re just worried about me.” Spike sat down beside her.


“Then what’s going on?”


“I guess I’m just worried about you too.” Spike looked amused.


“And you feel a need to protect me?” Dawn looked up at him with a hint of a smile touching her lips.


“Don’t mock!”


“I’m not mocking you; it’s just, this is me. Spike. William the Bloody. I’ve survived for over a century, defeated two slayers intent on ending my existence, and you want to protect me!” he laughed.


“Don’t laugh! I know it’s irrational; I just don’t want to lose you.”


“I don’t want to lose you either. I just don’t understand why you get so upset about me wanting to protect you. You know I’m not being insulting; you feel the same way about me. It doesn’t mean you think I’m weak, right?”


“Of course not!”


“See? I don’t think you’re weak either.”


“I know. I get that.” Spike stood.


“Good. I’m glad we settled that.”


“Me, too,” Dawn said as she began to put her shirt on again. Spike stared at her.


“What are you doing?” She gave him a funny look.


“I’m going with you.”







She was as good as she had promised. It wasn’t anywhere near as easy as taking down a human man, but she always seemed to manage. That didn’t stop Spike from worrying, but he figured he’d probably always worry about her safety, whether she was fighting demons or not. Fear. The price you pay for love, he thought to himself in amusement. He pulled her close to him for a kiss and they decided to call it a night. As they walked away holding hands a silent figure stood alone in the dark and watched, smiling bitterly, until the two lovers disappeared from view. Soon, their observer thought, then disappeared into the surrounding shadows.

Chapter 12