Shadow's Kiss




Iím nervous as I wait for him. All this time and I still get butterflies in my stomach at the thought of his touch. I turn on the music, slow and sexy, and I sway a little to the rhythm. I turn around and heís there. How does he do that? His gaze is intense and he smiles that slow sexy grin as he reaches out to touch me. I meet him halfway and we sink into each other, my hands gripping his arms as his fingertips glide gently down my back. He leans down and I think heís going to kiss me, but instead he rubs his cheek lightly against mine before nibbling his way down the side of my neck. When he gets to the spot where it curves into my shoulder, he gives me a gentle bite before sliding a hand underneath my shirt to cup my breast.


Iím desperate to kiss him, to remember the feel of his mouth against mine. I slip my hand up behind his neck and pull him close. His kisses are slow and gentle at first, his fingers on my breast slowly caressing. As his touch grows more insistent, his mouth turns hungry and the kisses deepen, turning long and drugging. I pull back a little to take off my shirt and he looks at me for a moment as I stand their in nothing but my panties. His gaze heats and he grabs me by the waist, pulling me against him before edging me backwards against the wall.


Iím wet just thinking about what heís going to do to me, and he doesnít disappoint as his hand slides down my stomach, slipping past the edge of my panties. His fingers slide against me in an erotic caress and Iím almost gone just from that gentle touch. He takes my mouth again as his fingers continue to move against me, driving me crazy. He slides two fingers inside me and I moan into his mouth. God, it feels so good, and all I can think about is how good itís going to feel when he finally takes me.


My hands reach for the snap of his jeans; I need him so bad. I pull him closer as my hand finds and releases him. He lifts me up slightly and supports me as I wrap my legs around his waist; his strength is such a turn on. He reaches a hand in between us and I think heís going to touch me again, but instead he rips my panties and they drop uselessly to the floor. For some reason, this turns me on even more. Then his thumb brushes against me as he kisses me and I tense in anticipation. His fingers stroke in and out of me and it feels so good that I almost canít handle it. Then our eyes meet and his fingers are gone and heís sliding into me. One long, deep thrust and I canít stop moaning.


My arms slip around his shoulders and I hold on tight as he moves inside me. My mouth moves to capture his and I gently bite his lip as I tighten around him. His eyes close as a tremor goes through his body; he loves it when I do that, and he increases the pace, driving into me. The feel of the wall against my back and him so hard and strong against me, moving, thrusting, harder, faster Ė one more time and then everything inside me tightens and Iím floating, fallingÖ I open my eyes and suddenly heís gone, and Iím alone again in my bed. Itís the same thing every night, and he always comes to me in my dreams. I smile as I wonder what heíll do to me tomorrow.

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