Deep Midnight

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I lie here watching you sleep, and the longer I look at you the more sure I am that there is no way Iím going to be able to get back to sleep without feeling you inside me. The sheet is barely covering you and all that bare skin is just crying out for me to touch it. Iím already so hot I can barely stand it. It wouldnít take much; youíd barely lose any sleep. I reach my hand out, trailing my fingers down your arm, and you donít even move. Moving closer, I press my hand against your chest. Youíre so warm, and I want to touch you everywhere to see if youíre that warm all over. I slowly slide my hand down, my nails lightly scraping against your stomach as I touch my lips to your collarbone. I open my mouth a little to taste your skin, and kiss my way up your neck. You twitch a little, but you still donít wake up; whatís it gonna take?


I pull the sheet all the way off and move to straddle you. Leaning forward so that my breasts brush against your chest, I start kissing your neck again as my hand moves down to stroke you. Youíre already hard, and I wonder if itís from my touch or if youíre just having a really good dream. My hand moves on you, stroking up and down, enjoying the feel of you, anticipating how wonderful itís gonna feel when I finally take you. You move, shifting slightly, and I can tell youíre starting to wake up so I press you against me. I can barely stand it. So close, if I move my hips a little youíll be inside me. I wait, watching as your eyes open, and then I move, sliding onto you, taking you deep inside with a moan, and I move to kiss you.


My mouth is hungry on yours as I begin to move, and you groan a little at how good it feels. Your hands slide down my back, gripping my hips as you move against me and suddenly Iím on my back and youíre driving into me, making me gasp and then making me moan as you move harder and faster. My back arches as your mouth moves down to my breast, and then all I can do is hang onto your shoulders as you take me higher and higher. I can barely breathe as you move inside me, and I canít stop moaning as I wrap my legs around your waist. I pull your mouth back up to meet mine and my hands move restlessly over your back, pressing you closer, needing you closer. Your hand strokes down my side and over my hip before moving in between us to touch me and just like that I shatter into a million pieces. My legs tighten around you as my back arches, and I almost black out with the pleasure. Youíre still moving inside me as waves of pleasure radiate throughout my body; soon you follow me over the edge, and I wrap my arms tightly around you.


We lie there, both of us breathing hard, and you give me a soft gentle kiss before moving to lie beside me. I smile, reaching out to stroke your cheek as you hold me in your arms, and then I drift into a wonderfully peaceful sleep.

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